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  • Premium Hotels in Quito new city / Boutique Hotels in Quito old city

    Hilton Hotel Colon in Quito,Amazonas and Patria Ave,

    Anahi Hotel in Quito,Tamayo N23-95 and Wilson St. ,

    JW Marriott Hotel in Quito,Orellana and Amazonas Ave ,

    Swissotel Hotel in Quito,12th October and Luis Cordero St. ,

    Grand Mercure Hotel in Quito,Roca and Amazonas Ave, ,

    NH Collection Hotel in Quito, Luis Cordero and 12th October                                                                             

    Le Parc Hotel in Quito,Republica del Salvador and Irlanda ,

    Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Quito, Republica del Salvador and Naciones U.                                                                  

    Quito Hotel in Quito, Gonsalez Suarez and Orellana                                                                               

    Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Quito, Orellana and Reina Victoria                                                                             

    Dann Carlton Hotel in Quito, Republica del Salvador and Irlanda    

    Plaza Grande Boutique Hotel in Quito, Garcia Moreno and Chile St*            

    Patio Andaluz Boutique Hotel in Quito, Garcia Moreno and Olmedo St*       

    Casa Gangotena Boutique Hotel in Quito, Bolivar and Cuenca St*                  

    Casa Aliso Boutique Hotel in Quito, Francisco Salazar and Toledo St.      


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    Recommended Museums in Quito

    El Alabado pre columbian museum in Quito old city,
    Bolivar and Rocafuerte St.                                       

    Museo de la Ciudad in Quito old city
    Garcia Moreno and Rocafuerte. Tuesday to Sunday: 09:30 to 17:30 Local phone: 2 283879/2283883 ext. 120

    Astronomical Observatory of Quito
    Av. Gran Colombia S / N and Av. 10 de Agosto. Interior of the Alameda Park. Remember you can only reserve for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. From 19:00-20:30. Local phone: (02) 297 6300 ext 6801 / (02) 258 3451 ext 100
    Reservation for night observations

    San Francisco (Pedro Gocial) Museum in Quito old city
    next door of San Francisco church                      

    La Compania Church and Museum in Quito old city,
    Garcia Moreno and Sucre                                        

    El Carmen Alto Cloister and museum in Quito old city
    Garcia Moreno and Rocafuerte                                  
    Local phone: 2 228 2320

    National Museum (ex central bank) pre columbian, colonial, republican, contemporanean 
    Patria and December 6th in the new city  

    Capilla del Hombre (Guayasamin museum) pre columbian and contemporary art museum 
    Mariano Calvache St. and Lorenzo Chavez in the new city  

    Ethnographic Museum at the Equator,
    in San Antonio at Mitad del Mundo                                              
    Inty Nan Solar Museum at the Equator in San Antonio next to Mitad del Mundo                 
    Everyday: 09:30 to 17:00. Local phone: 2 395 122


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    Recommended Restaurants in Quito

    Rincon La Ronda Restaurant, National and International cousine, 
    Noruega E1049 and 6 de Diciembre,

    Zazu Restaurant, Sea food cousine, 
    Mariano Aguilera and La Pradera,               

    Theatrum Restaurant, Mediterranean cousine, 
    Guayaquil and Flores,                        

    Pekaraz - by Mea Culpa Restaurant, National and International cousine, 
    Chile and Venezuela,          

    Pim's Restaurant, National and International cousine, 
    Panecillo hill,                     

    La Belle Epoque Restaurant, National and International cousine, 
    Garcia Moreno and Chile     
    Vista Hermosa Restaurant, National and International cousine,  
    Mejia and Garcia Moreno  

    Mama Clorinda Restaurant, National cousine, 
    Calama and Reina Victoria                           
    El Crater Restaurant, National and International cousine, 
    Pululahua crater                


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    Recommended Churches to visit in Quito.

    *** worth to visit
    Church and Convent of Santa Teresa, order of Carmelites Priests
    Robles St. and October 9th. Ave. New City of Quito

    ***Church of The Basilica of National Vote in Quito, order of Oblates Priests.
    Built in 1890 and not finished yet.
    Venezuela and Francisco de Caldas. Old city of Quito

    Church and Nunnery of The Concepcion of Quito, order of Immaculate Conception Nuns
    Built between 1564 - 1577
    Chile St. and Garcia Moreno St. Old city

    Church and Convent of La Merced of Quito, order of Priests of The Mercy of Quito
    Built between 1648 - 1653  and 1701 - 1736 
    Cuenca St. and Chile St. Old city.

    Church and Convent of Saint Agustin in Quito, order of Augustinians monks.
    Built in 1580 - 1627 and 1659 - 1669
    Chile St. and Guayaquil St. Old city.

    *** ​Church and Convent of Saint Francisco of Assisi in Quito, order of Franciscan monks. 
    Built between ​1553 - 1605  and 1652
    Cuenca St. and Bolivar St. Old city.

    ***Church of La Compania in Quito, order of the Jesuits Priests.
    Built between 1605 - 1613, 1614 - 1634 and 1722 - 1765
    Garcia Moreno St. and Sucre St. Old city.

    ***Church of The Cathedral in Quito, Diocese of Quito
    Built between 1550 - 1562 and 1565 - 1572
    Garcia Moreno St. and Espejo St., Plaza Grande in the old city

    Church and Convent of Saint Domingo in Quito, order of the Dominican monks.
    Built between 1580 - 1598
    Guayaquil St. and Bolivar St. Old city.

    ​Church and Nunnery of Saint Clara of Assisi in Quito, order of Saint Francisco of Assisi.
    Built between 1596 - 1650
    Cuenca St. and Bolivar St. Old city.

    *** Church and Nunnery of Carmen of Saint Joseph - High (Alto) Carmen in Quito, order of Carmelites Nuns.
    Built in 1653 
    ​Garcia Moreno St. and Rocafuerte St. Old city.

    Church and Nunnery of Saint Catalina in Quito, order of Dominican nuns.
    Built in 1613
    Flores St. and Espejo St. Old city.

    Church and Nunnery of Carmen of Holy Trinity  - Low (Bajo) Carmen in Quito, order of Carmelites Nuns.
    Built in 1702
    Manabi St. and Garcia Moreno St. Old city

    Church and Nunnery of Saint Agustin, order of Augustinian nuns.
    Built in 1747
    Galapagos St. and Benalcazar St. Old city

    Church of The Bethlehem - El Belen in Quito. 
    In 1534 the first Eremite
    ​Since 1616 La Vera Cruz. Now El Belen Church in Quito, Old city
    Luis Sodiro St. Between Luis Saa and Felipe Borja St. Alameda Park

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