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Quito old city tour - private tour

quito wlaking tours

If architecture and authentic Quito life is

what you look for, this is the kind of tour

you must join with. Mannerist, Barroque,

Moorish, Rococo, Plateresco, Arabean,

Roman and Gothic in Quito old city,

world heritage site by the Unesco since

1978. ?from USD. 50 per person, minimum two













Quito old city tour and Equator line - private tour

mitad del mundo quito tours

You only have a day off while in Quito?

This tour takes you through the colonial times,

its architecture of the old city of Quito plus

the Equator line in 6 hours tour.

?from USD. 90 per person, minimum two













Equator line tour - private tour

equator line tours from Quito

Have you ever been on the Equator?

Come and enjoy of a half day tour on

the Equator zone. The real Equator

(Inty Nan museum) and Mitad del

Mundo historical monument (French).

Lots of interesting archaeoastronomy

USD. 50  per person, minimum two more










Otavalo tour - private tour

otavalo tours from quito

Otavalo indian market is world famous for its

fair of diferent products like vegetables,

hand made rugs, tapestries or just enjoy of

this incredible ethnic Otavalo group from

the Andes. Scenic and cultural day tour

from Quito. from USD.95 per person, minimun two more


Cotopaxi tour - private tour

cotopaxi tours

The kind of tour like no other, unique in

its style, for the ones that enjoy nature

of moorlands and of course high vistas of

the Sierra. Excellent for walking up to

close 5,000 meters or just for good pictures

of the great Cotopaxi mountain. from

USD. 95 per person, minimum two more



Mindo tour - private tour

mindo cloud forest tours

Mindo Cloudforest at 1,300 meters enjoys

of been world recognized by bird experts

and nature lovers as bird santurary. Lush

green forest with hanging airplants. Only

one hour and a half from Quito toward

the North-West. from USD. 95 per person, minimum two




Birding day tour - private tour

mindo bird tours

Only a day for birding from Quito? That is

enough when we know where to take you for

birding. Early starting, pleanty of birds, close to

70 species guarantee! Full day tour. Tanagers,

Euphonias, toucans, antpittas, andean cock of

the rock, quetzal, trogons, etc. from USD.115

per person, minimum two more





Quilotoa tour - private tour

quilotoa hiking tours

To understand better the local culture is to

know it through its native people. Quilotoa

crater and loop, place to enjoy one of the best

mountain views of volcanoes in mainland Ecuador.

A nice day tour with a taste of the Andean

landscapes. from USD.95 per person,

minimum two more





Papallacta hot springs tour - private tour

what to do in Quito

A bit tired? This place has what you should

not let pass, RELAXATION on the Andes.

Thermal Baths from Volcanic springs.

Private pools in the SPA (health by water

- Salutem per aqua). from USD. 95

per person, minimum two more









Antisana tour - private tour

antisana birding tour

Best place to spot Andean condors, best isolated landscape above the tree line and enjoy a great local food (locro soup, sweet corn with small endemic potatoes and faba beans). Visit Antisana ecological reserve and hike through the paramo (moorlands or wetlands above the tree line) views of lidia bulls. These  creole horses are animals adapted to this high elevation. Views of Cotopaxi,Rumiñahui, Quilindaña, Sincholahua, Antisana volcanoes.

from USD. 95 per person, minimum two more












Quito Biking tour - private tour

quito bike tours

Moderate level from the local community of

Nono a village 30 minutes from Quito to

Bellavista Cloudforest Reserve. We rent

Cannondale bikes from Nono community for

27 kilometers (17 miles) downhill. Pristine

views of the cloudforest mountains. from

USD.105 per person, minimum two more













Tour of old Haciendas (highlands) - private

Quito tours

Hacienda is like a Large State farm on the

Highlands of Ecuador converted nowadays

in Bed and Breakfast places. The tour is

focus on 16 and 17 hundreds Haciendas.

Some luxury well preserved to the oldest not

so well preserved Hacienda but all of them

with important facts that happended in each

like: presidents of Ecuador, peace treaties

and scientific visits. Enjoy its gardens and

delicious food. from USD. 95 per person, minimum two more